Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I've made a lot since my last post. I'm working on a novel (or maybe novella, we'll see). I've written more poetry, and even got one published! I've completed a Sith robe, a certain impending grandchild's nursery, and several smaller projects that I'm hoping to add to my etsy shop soon.

I make Food!
blackberry cake w/ cream cheese frosting
chicken tacos
peach upside down cake  

strawberry parfait
pasta bake
pulled pork arepas

This is just a sampling of tasty foods I've made recently. I really enjoy cooking, and would love to find a signature dish. I watch the food shows and people talk about their signature dish and I ponder it and I think, "Man, I can't narrow it down. There's so much I love to make." And then I realize how very much that applies to me in all things creative.

I make Photos!


I got to play with a nice digital Nikon while visiting friends, so I got goofy/creative with it at times. From top left: antique bookshelf in an old plantation house we visited, blueberries, a flower, steampunk art installation outside a Memphis club, dragonfly (there were dozens of them in this one area, I managed to zoom and crop the photo to get this), random license plate I saw, museum Texaco sign (my grandfather used to own an old Texaco), and petrified wood. 

I made Friends!
I already knew all these people, but some of them didn't know each other and now they're friends and it's awesome. :)

I make stuff from Fabric!

Basic tote bag with interior pockets and stabilized bottom. I'm planning a small quilt (baby or lap sized) to match this and hope to sell them as a set. The bag was fun, especially since it's from a book with a lot of variety and flexibility in bag options. I look forward to making more of these.
Sith Robe - a commission
This was interesting - a learning experience in creating patterns from instructions, but I made it work and it came in at the estimated budget and the customer is happy, so all is well.

Baby Quilt - for sale

I loved working on this baby quilt because of picking out all the fun, colorful scraps. It was originally going to be my first hand-quilted item bigger than a pot-holder, but I soon learned that my hand doesn't like that grip + motion, so I'll keep machine quilting things instead.

The back of this quilt is a soft, light-flannel type of fabric. I bought it so long ago I can't remember what it was called, but I think it would be lovely for any baby wrapped in it.

Large carry-all bag

Funny story - about a decade ago when I first started sewing, I decided to make a funky patchwork/strip skirt for Heather. I picked out all sorts of fabrics that probably "shouldn't" be used in the same garment, but I was using my artistic eye, not any kind of sewing knowledge.

The skirt turned out okay, got worn once, and then we realized it was fraying too much to continue being used. I didn't have a serger back then, didn't zigzag the seams, (again, still learning). So I made it into a bag - created a lining for it, to hide all those raw seams, attached some handles, stiff interfacing in the bottom for a little stability. It reminds me of a Mary Poppins bag in a way.

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